The Ciata Foundation Mission

Ciata Foundation is fully committed to transforming the lives of domestic abuse survivors and sufferers for the better. With many years’ experience in counselling and support, we offer impartial and professional advice to help you change your life completely. Contact our team today to get started.

Domestic Abuse

Our Goals

  • Support and Reflect Diversity and Promote Equality of Opportunity
  • Include Both Men and Women Who Have Suffered and Been Affected by Domestic Violence in the Community
  • Work to Improve Society’s Response to Domestic Abuse
  • Overcome Fear of Abusive Partners through Counselling and Support
  • Ensure Every Abused Individual Gets the Support They Need, Whoever and Whenever They Ask for Help

Helping Abused Individuals and Survivors

At our domestic abuse charity, we aim to help abused individuals rebuild their lives.

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